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“So how long do I need to keep coming?”, asks Janie.🙋 ❓ ⏱️

“It kinda depends on what your goals are.” I reply.

Seems like a pretty logical question, right? 🤔 ❔ ❤️

When a client starts care I review with them how Network Spinal works and what our objectives are.

The first objective is for the body to learn how to self-organize and self-correct. Cool, right?! 🗄️ 😯 ✅

Please note the word “learn” is used. With each session, the body learns a new neural strategy. Each session picks up from where we left off from the last session.

These new neural strategies allow the body to process stress in new and different ways. Both, stress that we’ve been carrying around in our bodies for years, as well as new stressors that come along. ✨🚧😞

I mean…...who has stress this time of year, right?!🤣.

The tension being held in the body has the ability to be accessed in a way that it can be transformed and used as fuel to create positive change in the body. ⛽ ✨

These new neural strategies are like a software upgrade for the body.

There is no ceiling as to how many new strategies your nervous system is able to learn and refine. 🎄🔥 🧠

When a client is new, momentum of sessions is key. Initial recommended frequency is a few times a week.

The second objective is to assist the nervous system in the facilitation of changing of perception. All forms of stress, whether it's physical, chemical, or mental/emotional in nature, is really just about perception. 🧪🥴💪

If we can help the system to perceive the environment differently, we can increase the likelihood of improved adaptation. Easier said, the body doesn't go into overwhelm as easily.

The nervous system is more likely to default to a peaceful state vs a stressed state. Cool, eh? ☮️🥂😞

But after your nervous system has this initial new software upgrade, frequency of sessions is unique to each person, depending on what their goals are and what they have going on in their life.

I have folks that I see weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and even yearly! 📆⌛Clearly the folks I see yearly don’t have the same goals as the folks I see weekly….and that’s ok! Each person get’s to decide. ❤️👨👵

Personally, for my own care, I see my Network Spinal practitioner weekly.

For me, having a weekly entrainment is akin to exercising, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and meditating. Engaging in these activities weekly keeps me thriving. 🏋️‍♀️🧘🏽🥗

When I slack off on these things I feel like garbage.

Regular entrainments keep me connected to my body, my breathe, and my being. 🫁 ⏰

Even after all these years of care (20 years!) my nervous system continues to learn and refine new neural strategies each time I get checked.

But that’s just my frequency to thrive. Some people find a good rhythm with bi-weekly sessions or spaced out even more. 📅 🎁

The point is, discuss with me what your goals are, and we’ll put together a plan of care to get you there.

“So again, how long do I need to keep coming?” 🤲🔥⌛

“As often and as long as you want to!”

I’ll be in the office on Thursday this week 12-6 pm and I still have a few openings. Otherwise, I won’t be back in the office until January 3. 🏢 🎍

Brenda has a few openings this Wednesday afternoon for massage, as well as next week. Pam will be in the office next week for Craniosacral sessions and also has a few openings, as well.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday week!! 🕎 🏖️🎄

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If you’d like to schedule an appointmentCLICK HERE.

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