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What's up with all the Tables?

Hello!  Tonnie, here!🫶❤️


THANK YOU for opening this email!

If you're receiving this email you most likely came in for your intial visit recently. 🔥✅

This is Email #2 in the 'Intro To Care' email series.  If you missed the email I sent yesterday, click here to check it out.

Today I'd like to talk about the 'Open Entrainment Room' concept. 🏓⛱️

Notice that there were 3 tables in the room when you came in recently.  When you come for a regular visit, you will be seen in this room.


Benefits of the open entrainment room

  • You can find a table when you arrive and start relaxing (please help yourself to a face cloth.)👚🏺

  • Tonnie can watch you stretch, breathe, and move between contacts and can introduce another contact at just the right time. The fewer contacts made to your spine, especially initially in care, the more your body is encouraged to self-correct.

  • Quicker session times- with less time spent waiting for your entrainment and in the office overall.🏤😃

  • You can watch and see others getting entrained.

  • Sometimes others ask questions or share some insight that answers a question you may have had or offers a perspective that is helpful to you.❓🙋

Why 'Entrainment'?


It is a scientific fact that we can ‘entrain’ to other’s rhythms and therefore progress is enhanced by having your spine checked alongside others.🔬🪘

In other words, if you're having a session alongside someone who's been under care for awhile, you'll benefit from their advanced neural strategies!

Pretty cool, eh?🆒😎


Scientists are beginning to understand more about how living systems ‘entrain’ to biological rhythms. This also occurs in nonliving systems, for example, if two clocks with pendulums hang on the wall, eventually one pendulum will start to rock with the other. 

In physics this is known as ‘harmonic entrainment.’  This same thing can occur in an entrainment room when there is more than one person present.❤️🫶

Each vertebra in the spine is designed to rock through a range of motion. As one vertebra increases its range of motion, it can help other’s spines do the same thing.

The more your spine improves its flexibility, the more dynamic and unique you become.🪧❄️🦄

Again, THANK YOU for reading this email!

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