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Entrainment and The Spinal Gateway

Today I’ll be discussing the word used for your sessions, which is ‘entrainment’, as well as discussing the contact points I make along the spine during an entrainment, which are called ‘spinal gateways’.



The entrainment process allows your nervous system to release tension, while simultaneously developing new neural strategies.  These new strategies retrain your nervous system to function more effectively as well as interpreting and responding more efficiently to future stress.🔮💦

Okay, heavy languaging there, I know! Sorry!  Whenever you see 'neural strategies' just think about learning a new language or learning some new skill. 

Let's continue.....


With Network Spinal (NS) entrainments, two healing waves develop. The first wave is referred to as a ‘respiratory wave’. The respiratory wave is a breath wave that releases tension in the connective tissue around the spinal cord which commonly results in a feeling of deep relaxation.


The second wave is called the ‘somatopsychic wave’ (SP wave) which involves physical movement of the spine. The SP wave enhances motion of the paraspinal muscles, sometimes mimicking the movement of a dolphin swimming. 🐬👋

You may have enhanced feelings of wellbeing, overall, as the nervous system reorganizes and develops new strategies for experiencing and releasing tension on its own.


The two waves occur spontaneously in response to gentle touches to the spine, specifically spinal gateways.🔥🫁

The Spinal Gateway

According to Dr. Epstein, the founder and developer of NS, the purpose of Network Spinal is to activate and sensitize, what he has termed, spinal gateways.

Epstein’s spinal gateways are purported to be focal points of free or unbound energy that tend to be located on spinal segments where the dura (the connective tissue sheath that surrounds the spinal cord) attaches to the vertebrae, generally in the areas of the cervical and sacral spine.🫶❤️

In other words, spinal gateways appear to be a bridge between the energetic structure of the body and the physical structure of the body.

Yep, more heavy language. Think of the 'spinal gateway' as a button located on your spine that I push. When I push the button, a message shoots to your brain and causes changes.  

Let's continue.....

When a spinal gateway is activated and sensitized through touch, it becomes a powerful “oscillator,” or generator of available free energy and resource that according to Epstein, “serves to assist the central nervous system in moving from [a state of] defense physiology and accompanying posture toward one of adaptive self-assessment and reorganization.”🔋🛡️

Self-assessment is another way of saying awareness.

Awareness of self and awareness of patterns that have been playing out in your spine and in your life.⚓✴️

In order for you to become aware of those tension patterns within your spine, you need an access/entry point or a “gateway” into that pattern.  You need to somehow, someway, become aware of the pattern in your spine so that the tension pattern can begin to unwind itself.  

The spinal gateway is just that.  It is an access point, an opening, into a particular tension pattern in your spinal cord where you can begin to become aware of that pattern. 🔥✨

So, when I am making those touches on various spots on your back, I am working with your spinal gateways, helping them open and develop so that you can become more aware of yourself, including how you hold tension and where you have resistance.

Again, THANK YOU for reading this email!🙌🧡

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