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Calling The Fire Department

I’ve titled today’s piece, ‘Calling the Fire Department’ because it’s a relevant phrase that describes the difference between the objectives of a traditional ‘treatment’ modality form of care vs the objectives of NS.


When one is injured, is feeling some form of pain, discomfort, an indication that something is ‘off’ or ‘not right’, or has a clear sense of dis-ease, it’s logical to reach out to some sort of health professional to get assistance. 😧🦟🦠

The severity of the situation, the duration of the discomfort, and/or the person’s previous experiences with this discomfort may determine the type of assistance the person seeks out.


For example, if one was out cutting wood and injured oneself with a chainsaw, it makes sense that one would seek the assistance of the folks in the emergency room. The ER folks are experts at handling these types of scenarios.🪚🏥💊


However, if one has chronic neck pain, going to the ER is definitely overkill.  They might take you in, do an evaluation, and send you home with some pain killers.

The pain killers may solve the problem of the neck pain in the same way that using black paint to cover the ‘check engine’ light when it comes on in the dashboard of your car as you drive down the highway solves the problem with your broken car. Can’t see the light; nothing’s wrong. Can’t feel your neck pain; nothing’s wrong.🚒🎨🖌️

What is the objective one is trying to achieve? The treatment modality one selects depends on what one’s objective is.


A traditional treatment modality where the objective is simply to get one out of pain may just focus on “fixing” you when you are “broken” and then sending you back out into the world again until you “re-break” yourself.💔⚒️

Then return to the “smart practitioner” to “fix” you again, and then you go back out into the world and “re-break” yourself again, and so on and so on.  Now you are dependent upon said practitioner to continually “fix” you when you are “broken”.


NS has a different objective. The objective is to teach your nervous system ‘new neural strategies’. There’s actually a learning process happening. Each entrainment builds from the last one.📙🏫🚌

These new neural strategies allow your nervous system the ability to self-organize and self-correct. These strategies also allow your nervous system to change how it perceives your environment.

This change in perception shifts how one interprets stress. Situations and events that may have been overwhelming and stressful in the past may no longer be overwhelming simply because you’re perceiving the experience differently.🫶❤️


If one’s objective is a quick fix, or emergency care, there are plenty of practitioners and pills out there for that purpose. But if one is looking for true healing and lasting change, NS is a great way to achieve that objective.


Again, THANK YOU for reading this email.📰🐱‍👓📚

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