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Foot Care

Book a session to learn proper healthcare for your feet that ends with a foot soak and gentle massage.

What is Involved in a Foot Care Service?

Starting with a ground up approach, learning to care for your feet, trimming and cleaning nails, giving professional exams of the skin, and gentle massage at the end of each foot care session.

During your foot care session you will experience

  1. Lower leg skin exam

  2. Foot soak with ultrasonic foot bath

  3. Trimming of toenails, sanding of callus, removal of corns

  4. Gentle massage

  5. Recommendations on how to care for feet in the future

Please note that a detox ionic footbath service pairs nicely with a standard foot care service as an add-on service.

Please call Nicole directly to schedule this service:  612-708-0304

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