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You'll notice that our service menu is highly customizable.  For example, when you come in for a massage you may choose Swedish, Deep Tissue, Refexology or any combination that would best suit your needs on the day of your visit.

In terms of pricing, we strive to offer exceptional service at an affordable price.

Close up of holistic plant
Massage, Craniosacral, Reiki and Reflexology
     Regular       Loyalty/Senior
60 Minutes                                                  $90                   $75

90 Minutes                                                  $115                 $100

120 Minutes                                                $150                 $135


Add Ons:

Aromatherapy~ $10

Sugar Scrub ~ $15

Hot Stone~ $15

Network Spinal

Initial Consultation~ $145


Re-exam~ $70

Single Entrainment~ $65


10 Session Package~ $550



Detox Ionic Footbath 


Single Session~$45



Foot Care Services

Basic Foot Care Service~ $65

Footcare Service & Footbath~ $90

Footcare W/A Friend~ $150

Full Body Screening~ $435
Half Body Screening~ $335
Breast or Region of Interest~ $215

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