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Your Feet Don't Offend Me

It’s sandal season for a little longer! Hooray!👡🩴🙌🏻 You won’t catch me in socks and shoes (except when exercising) til’ October. Shoes and socks feel like prison to my feet. Sandals and bare feet are freedom!🧦📊👟 When I was a kid, I DID NOT WEAR SHOES ALL SUMMER! You should have seen my feet; just one big solid callous’. My siblings and I could sprint on gravel. I wear shoes more often now. As often as allows me to pass as a presentable adult.🧓👠👞 Many of you join me in this seasonal sandal celebration. Few things make me happier than seeing your dirt-stained bare feet as you lie down on my table! The dirt indicates you’ve been living your best life outside this summer. You’ve likely been gardening or playing with your kids or grandkids in the yard.👣🏡🧑‍🌾 Or maybe those tired dogs have just been trapped in the prison of a work boot all day and lying shoeless on my table allows your feet freedom. And then you get self-conscious and apologize for the condition of your beautiful feet.🙇‍♀️🤲🏽🦋 “I’m so sorry! I forgot to bring socks. I’m sure my feet stink!” If you’ve ever muttered this while on my table, you can go ahead and just stop reading this now, as inevitably, I’ve already told you this story.📰📚🔖 For those that have not yet heard “Tonnie’s feet story,” read on.

During my last year of chiropractic school, 16 of my school mates and I had the opportunity to participate in a healing mission trip to India.🍛❤️‍🩹

We stayed at an Ashram in South Central India (sorry, I can’t recall the exact village), southeast of Pune. Occasionally we’d leave the ashram to visit the local village. Villagers would follow us around and stare; they had never seen Caucasian visitors before. My only point is that this place was very remote.

We attracted hundreds of people from all around the area to receive care from “the American doctors.” Many of these people walked many miles, sometimes over 20 miles one way, to come see us. A percentage of our patients had never owned shoes.🚶‍♂️👩‍⚕️👞

I saw and touched some very bad feet. In fact, I am not exaggerating by saying that I’ve worked with literally the worst feet in the world!

So, when you lie on my table and apologize for the condition of your feet, I can only smile and say, “your feet do not offend me! I’ve seen the worst feet in the world and yours aren’t even close!”🏓😊❤️I hope you’re enjoying your summer and allowing your feet the freedom of getting a little dirty!

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