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What is Retracing?

“So I have this weird new pain in my left hip that showed up this week,” states Jack. 🔥👎⛔

“Any idea why? Any new injury or event that triggered it?” I ask.

“Nothing. I haven’t noticed this kind of pain since right after my accident four years ago.” 🤕🍐🐞

“Ah… I’m guessing you’ve got some retracing going on.”

Retracing has been a hot topic in the office this week. 📆🔥📛

Here’s the dealio; when we experience an injury or an illness, our body invests all of its resources towards healing up this injury or illness.

Healing is a process, and it doesn’t happen overnight. The more severe the event, the more time and resources required for healing. 🌃❤️‍🩹

As the process progresses, the concern that the injury or illness might overtake the body lessens.

Maybe an additional event occurs before the original healing job is fully complete. ✔️✨🔥

The new concern takes precedence as far as time and resources is concerned. The previous healing job never fully completes.

The previous healing job gets stored away in the body. It’s almost like the body shoves the job in a closet and shifts focus to the new healing event that’s currently most impactful to well-being. 🚾💾❤️‍🩹

Once people start getting Network Spinal care, their health and vibrancy starts to improve, and retracing can occur.

The body becomes more vibrant and now has the capacity to start cleaning house, per se. This is because the nervous system has shifted into a parasympathetic state, which means the body has moved out of fight or flight. ❤️🏡


The body stops responding to everything as though it’s just trying to survive. The body can now direct its resources towards clearing up old injuries and illnesses that weren’t able to be resolved while the body was just perpetually stuck in a fight or flight state.

This clearing up of old injuries and illnesses is called retracing. As we retrace old injuries and illnesses, we sometimes experience similar symptoms as we did when the injury or illness was acute. 🤢🧹🤕

We may experience these symptoms for only a few days, up to a week.

I retraced a kidney infection one weekend. So fun. Not. 🐾✨🗓️

I’d contracted a kidney infection several years earlier. Antibiotics cleared it up.

Fast forward a few years and I’m living in New Zealand and have access to some really great Network Spinal practitioners. I’d been getting some really great care several times a week and my nervous system was functioning at a really high level. 🥝💛✨

Boom. Retraced a kidney infection. A month later I simultaneously retraced all the blows to my head that I’d ever received during my rugby career. Again, not fun.

My system was functioning so well that it had the capacity to pull some of these old healing projects out of the closet and finish the job. 🧑‍🏭

The good news is that retracing is temporary. One isn’t really ill or injured; just neurologically clearing old stuff up.

Sometimes when I explain retracing it makes people nervous. 😨⛔🙅‍♀️

Particularly if the person has had a lot of challenging healing events in the past. The concern is that there may be a lot of “old projects in the closet” and retracing them all wouldn’t be much fun.

Relax. One doesn’t retrace every injury or illness one has ever experienced. Your body is awesome. It healed A LOT of this stuff up completely the first time.


Retracing is not something to be afraid of. It is something to be aware of. Be aware that this can be part of the process of your body healing itself.

Retracing is an indication that your body is doing quite well! 👍👌

And this is to be celebrated!

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