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Weird Gifts for Weird People

Do ya’ know any weird people? Do you live with any? Is it you? I see weird people every day, particularly when I look in the mirror 😊!

I kinda like the word “weird”. It implies different, unique, out of the box, colors outside the lines, etc. If someone describes a person, thing, or experience as “weird”, I’m usually intrigued.

Weird is opposite of normal. Maybe not exactly, but in my mind it is. ✨🎁

Weirdos are my tribe, my people!

I’ve become careful using the word weird in reference to my husband in any way. He abhors the word. It’s a negative connotation for him. 👨👎😲

But my husband is anything but normal. He’s wonderfully unique, a one of a kind, a brilliant gem; but definitely not weird😊! It’s just semantics, I guess.

Speaking of the word ‘weird’; these weird people sometimes like weird things. Which is the entire point of this email 😊. ✨🦽

If you know a weird person that likes weird things and you’re unsure of what to buy the weirdo in your life for Christmas, consider what I’m about to pitch you.

My brother, Gale (a fellow weirdo), is a brilliant artist and craftsman. He custom built our dining room table! 🎨🏓👨‍🎨

One of his weird creations are Frequency Cutting Boards for food.

My brother shares about how these cutting boards are crafted: 🔪🎄🫲

“Each Frequency Cutting Board is crafted with presence, love and a deep intention for the health and vitality for all who work with them.

“Every angle, cut and dimension of these boards has a specific purpose and frequency. From the start to finish, we begin each crafting session in a state of meditation. 🧘📻🥩

“With Solfeggio music as a backdrop, the crafting process is truly a transcendent experience. With this much loving presence, each board gets infused with grounded, centered energy and radiates the most perfect frequencies for the food you are preparing.”

“The organizing principal found within our DNA, the Universe and Life itself is infused into each board through the implementation of the Golden Ratio into each piece. 🥇🧬📇

“This means that every Frequency Cutting Board is originated from the exact same mathematical ratios which are found within the interface between Spirit and matter.

“The deepest power of each Frequency Cutting Board can be felt from the Tensor Ring that is carefully placed into the back of every board. This is the attribute which creates the clearing and healing frequencies which attune your food with the purest of frequencies which assist your body in maintaining a pinnacle state of health and wellbeing. 💍🎬📇

“The use of a 4-stage finishing process and high-grade materials ensure that top quality craftsmanship, durability and strength are the foundations found in every piece we craft.”

Weird, eh? By weird, of course, I mean awesome! 🥂😆✌️

There are 3 sizes of cutting boards available. We have one of each size displayed here at the office @Optimal Wellness Solutions if you’d like to physically check em’ out before making the investment.

To order a cutting board, click HERE . ✨🏪

For more information about some of the weird (cool) stuff my bro is into, go to YouTube @Gale Wulff. Grow your life with videos, tips, and meditations.

For additional gift ideas for the weirdos in your life, Click HERE and scroll all the way to the bottom. Gift certificates for all of our services can be purchased here. 🎄🎁💝

I hope ya’ll have a super weird (awesome) holiday season!!!

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