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What's Your Energy State?

“I need you to be at ‘energy rich’, minimum, or I need you to leave the room!”, states Louis, my Network Spinal instructor for the weekend. ✨🔥

This was intimidating. How the heck do I even know if I’m energy rich? What does that even mean? Why is it so important?

Let me back up here and do the best I can to explain what energy states are and what Louis was referring to. 👨‍🏫⚡💙

Energy Poor

This sounds like what it is. Your energy state is poor. As stated directly from my notes; 🏚️👎✔️

“When ‘energy poor’ it feels as if something is wrong and you tend to lose your focus and doubt yourself.

“Your mind often wanders, and you find yourself in a sea of thoughts that appear to have nothing to do with your current task at hand. 🌊💡✋

“When you are ‘energy poor’, you are drained by the poor energy state of other’s around you.”

“Too much effort is required. You feel drained or in crisis.🥱☠️😣

“To counter this, you might get angry which helps you get to low level ‘energy neutral.”

Energy Neutral

You are stable here. You’re not getting your butt kicked by life. But you also don’t have the energy resources to make a change.🦺☀️🔥

“When you are ‘energy neutral’ it takes significant effort to get work done. Communication takes effort.”

In an ‘energy neutral’ field, you are definitely not in the ‘flow’. You have to ‘do’ more, try more, and talk a lot about what you are ‘doing’ with others.❤️🤐✔️

If you’re working in a team environment, you might be inclined to blame others for not being in the flow.

When in this energy state, it might be easy to get distracted by reasons why ‘it’ (life, your work project, your experience, your relationship, etc.) is not better, or faster, or more profound or perhaps you may be looking to manage the experience or circumstance.🖨️🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Believing, discussing and engaging others in the circumstance or situation as causes of the experience are classical expressions of an ‘energy neutral’ state.

Lots of effort goes towards correcting, remedying, and/or restoring and managing.😊✨😯

You might not feel bad; you might just feel ‘blah’. Or you might not feel at all.

One way to shift out of an ‘energy neutral’ state is to laugh. Look for ways to find, “the funny” in the situation.🤣🎭

Now you’re on your way to ‘energy rich’.Energy Rich

“When we are in an ‘energy rich’ state, there is an energy driving us towards progress or victory. We notice that things appear to “click” or are effortless.✌️😣🚧

“Conversations become about optimizing one’s life.”

No effort. Lots of momentum with observable results.✨🔥

There are no questions or uncertainty; the outcome is known. It’s a done deal.

Life feels good when in an ‘energy rich’ state! ❤️💰🤑

Energy Super Rich

“When you are in an ‘energy super rich’ state there is no awareness of effort or effortlessness.

“There is the experience of infinite expansion. The feelings of awe, grace, and gratitude are present.”

An ‘energy super rich’ state is the ultimate ‘flow’ state. Loss of time occurs. There truly is no past or future; you are perfectly present.✔️🥰🎁

So, back to Louis. He’s teaching a technique seminar and demands we keep our energy state high throughout the day.

“It’s important for you, for your learning, for your clients, and frankly, for the world! 💡🌎😊

If you’re trying to help people and make a difference, one spine and soul at a time, there is no accommodation for an energy state any less than ‘energy rich’!”

It’s annoying, but he’s right. There’s no room for anything less than ‘energy rich’. 😞🤲

We all drop into ‘energy neutral’ or even ‘energy poor’. We’re human and it’s normal. Many times, it’s circumstantial.

But another thing that makes us human is our pre-frontal cortex; which means we have consciousness; the ability to observe ourselves. 🧠👁️✔️

We can observe our energy state. And we can take responsibility for it; day by day and moment by moment.

Sometimes it’s as simple as observing that we’re less than ‘energy rich’, recognizing we’d like to scale up, closing our eyes, taking a deep breath, and allowing a smile to form. 🧘😊

Boom; shift!

And I give you all permission to ask me, anytime you see me, “Tonnie, what’s your energy state?” Call my butt out! 👉✨🔥

Another way to improve your energy state is through self-care! If you’d like to schedule one of our awesome services click here!

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