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The Double Edge Sword to Wellness

Hello! My name is Dr. Tonnie McCloney and I am the new owner of Optimal Wellness Solutions in Roseville! ✨❤️

I am a chiropractor and practice a technique called Network Spinal (NS). NS is a gentle technique that works directly with the brain and nervous system and allows the body to connect with and release tension on it's own, from the inside out.

There are so many conversations and questions that come up in the office that serve as great learning opportunities for folks. I decided to start writing about some of this stuff.🔥🤔

I hope you dig it.

Amy came into the office one day sharing that she felt compelled to start taking yoga classes again. She'd been in a rut for awhile and, out of the blue, just had the desire to start moving her body. 🧘🏽😅

As we start our journey towards wellness, the double-edged sword phenomenon can surface, specifically when receiving Network Spinal (NS) care. Amy had been under care for about 3 weeks before her yoga urge kicked in.⚔️

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a double-edged sword can be defined as something that has or can have both favorable and unfavorable consequences.

The activities that one is already doing in their life that is working to serve their health and well-being will serve them even better. For example, if you’re already eating a diet rich in the foods that serve your unique body, you may find yourself craving these foods more and more and may even notice how great you feel when you eat those foods.🥗😄🥰

The same holds true for movement or exercise. You may just want to “move”; almost like your body is demanding it of you.

Have any friends or acquaintances that it just feels good to hang out with? Do you engage in work or volunteer projects that make you feel like you serve a greater purpose in the world? If not, are you searching for “that thing?” 🎎🥰👔

All of these things are examples of activities that serve our “beingness” and when we combine these activities with NS care, we find ourselves naturally more drawn to these activities and get that much more wellness out of it when we do that thang.

Whoopee!!! Hooray!!! Grab your horse, hop right on, and ride into the sunset, right?!?🐎🌇

Not so fast there, partner…….

Because remember, it’s a double-edged sword; which can have favorable as well as the perception of unfavorable consequences.⚔️

Oh man! What does that mean? Well, as far as your wellness is concerned it means ‘that which does not serve your highest interest will become more obvious to you and potentially intolerable.’ Seems like a good thing, right?!? Well, ultimately, yeah.

But how do I know it doesn’t serve me? The body and being has this crazy way of getting our attention in the form of pain and discomfort. It’s an effective form of communication.🤕🎃🔥

Sometimes this shows itself as simple as feeling awful after eating that food that you’ve always used as a reward for a job well done.

For example, I couldn’t bring myself to eat at McDonald’s again if I was starving in the desert. I used to love that stuff! The memory of how my body felt the last time I ate it is too strong; yuck!

Food is an easy one; just don’t eat it, right? But what if the intolerable thing is, say, your job?

Or the person you thought was a friend, however, you notice every time you hang out with that person you have a headache afterwards.🥺

Or the amount of sleep you get. You used to power through on 5 or 6 hours, no problem. And your body will not tolerate that anymore; it demands more sleep.😴💤

If we’ve been listening to our body and have a great working relationship with our body, these shifts may just gently nudge us in the direction of change. We read the cues and respond accordingly.

But if we’ve been disconnected from ourselves and our being for a while, the body may need to really get our attention. This can present itself in the form of a healing crisis.

A big injury. A big illness.💤🤕🤕

Something that simply cannot be ignored.

Unfortunately, it’s not always spelled right out for us. It can be hard to see the link between that new back pain and being frustrated in your job or your relationship. Or linking indigestion with fears about finances. 😱💰🤢

This wellness stuff is not always a linear upward trajectory to bliss. For most of us it’s a continual process of observing how the things that serve us and the things that do not serve us present themselves to us in our bodies and in our lives.

As we get healthier and start vibrating higher, our beings speak louder to us. We don’t ever really just “get there.” As long as we are living in this meat suit of a body, we will continually peel back these layers.✨❤️🙌🏽

And that's a good thing! Because it actually means that we do have the capacity to continually feel better and better as time long as we listen to the cues of our body along the way!

And the best news of all.......there is NO CEILING to wellness!!✨🔥😂

If you haven't been into the office in awhile or would like to try out one of our new services; *|Click Here|* to schedule.

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