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“Whatcha’ up to this weekend?”📅🦩🔫 “Heading outta town for a Network Spinal seminar.” “Oh, geez. Well…. don’t work too hard!”🦫🧑‍💼😓 I actually really like going to seminars. Can the weekend be exhausting? Yes! There’s a lot of intense focusing involved with trying to absorb all the new information.💁🏭🧽 However, this particular seminar was probably the best I’ve ever attended! It was the perfect combination of feeling both capable and challenged. In past seminars I’ve been challenged to the point of feeling completely incapable. It’s not a good feeling. 😭😣 “I mean, haven’t you been doing this for a while? Shouldn’t you know everything there is to know by now?” Yes, I’ve been doing this for a while. However, the work continues to evolve and change.🧟🈺🦫 I have an analogy. The other day I inadvertently dropped my phone in the toilet. Of course, my phone is now wet and complete garbage. So, I’m forced to go buy a new phone. 🚽🗑️📱 I hate buying new phones. I was still using an Iphone 6. I really loved my Iphone 6. Obviously, I loved my Iphone 6 as the rest of the world has upgraded Iphones nine times since the 6 came out (I just looked this up); and I’m still hanging on to my little Iphone 6. So I’m now forced. Forced to upgrade. I’m not happy about spending my whole morning buying a phone, transferring all my information, trying to remember passwords, trying to remember all my apps, ect. It’s a real pain for me.😧ℹ️🔑 To be honest, my 6 was really on its last legs. It barely held a charge anymore. It mostly needed to always be plugged in to use it. But I’d developed a system for using it that worked for me. I wasn’t ready to change!📢📇🪜

This was Tuesday.

But wouldn’t you know it, it’s now Friday and I am totally adapted to my upgraded phone! There are several cool features that this phone can do that my little old 6 couldn’t do. It’s faster, more efficient, and just less clunky. 🌕📱🆒

I’m sure there’s a bunch of stuff it can do that I haven’t figured out yet. And the camera is definitely better!

So that’s how Network Spinal is. Constant upgrades, refinements, and improvements. All designed to teach the nervous system to function more efficiently and contain more cohesiveness.❤️✨🔥

Definitely a software upgrade for ya’ll! And in order for you to get a software upgrade, I first needed to get my skills and conceptual understandings upgraded!

So there we go! I guess the theme for me this month is upgrade. Upgrade my skills! Upgrade my phone!😊🤹🏻🔧

If you haven’t been in for an upgrade in a while or would like to get on the schedule for another one of our awesome services, CLICK HERE!

If you’ve had good experiences in our office and would be so kind as to take a moment to leave us a review, CLICK HERE! We really appreciate you!

I hope everyone has an awesome week and soaks up every last bit of summer!

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