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If It Didn't Hurt

“Can you recommend a book where I can read more about this work?”📕🧑‍🏫 “Why yes, of course! I can recommend a few books, actually!” This question came up in the office last week as one of my clients, teary eyed, shared about how transformative this care has been to her life. 🙋❓😢 “I’d just like to learn a little more,” Sarah shared. The timing of this request was quite fortuitous as a close friend of mine from chiropractic school just came out with his book within the last six months. 🏫🚌🧉 Dr Jay Uecker and I were friends throughout school and discovered and learned about the profound healing modality of Network Spinal together over 20 years ago; a fact which just makes me feel old 😊. Jay practiced Network Spinal Analysis for over 15 years in Louisville, CO before transitioning to a modality he discovered called BioSoul Integration 3-4 years ago. ✨❤️👐 Jay and I have stayed in touch over the years, and he continued to keep me updated about the progress of this book he was writing. It seemed like he was working on this book forever! I’m sure that’s how it felt to him, as well. Whenever we discussed the book, we didn’t talk a lot of the content; it was more about the actual process of writing. Well Jay finally completed his book, and I couldn’t be more proud of him! Jay’s book is called If it Didn’t Hurt. 🤕📘

I’ve read his book twice now. As I lay in bed reading his book, I’ll commonly say to my husband, “honey, can I just read you this paragraph from the book? Jay writes so well about this concept!”

I recently wrote a review for Jay’s book on Amazon (my first ever review for anything, BTW): 🔥🦁📗

“Life wants us to be whole. That’s why it will use any circumstance, situation, or person available to show us how we’ve generated rifts between our body and our spirit,” writes Dr. Jay Uecker in this profound book. After practicing over 20 years as an educator, healer, doctor, and wise sage, Dr. Uecker has had the opportunity to help people understand themselves and heal themselves. Our lives are not random and our body’s response to our life is also not random. In this book Dr. Uecker takes a deep dive into pain; why we have it, what it means, and what we can do about it. Dr. Uecker masterfully transforms highly complex ideas into easily digestible concepts for the reader. If one has been struggling to find answers to the dilemma of their pain, ongoing health issue, or just wants an expanded perspective on what it is to be a human, I highly recommend this book!

So, if you think the purpose of my blog this week is to plug and promote my friend’s brilliant book; you are absolutely correct! 🤣✅⭕

I have several copies in the office if you’d like to pick one up from me, otherwise you can find the book on Amazon in all forms, audio, etc. If you’d like to save $3 on paperback, you can order them directly on his website If you go to his website to order, you can read the first chapter for free.

You can also find Dr. Jay all over YouTube sharing insightful information and conducting fascinating interviews. Here’s a great video he did a few years ago about the pain body. 📺📹😢

If you’d like to get on the schedule for one of our awesome services, click here!

I hope you have a fantastic week! 🙌🏻🐬💖

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